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Our admission process requires every student to meet a certain criteria before a place can be offered at the school. Please note the following:
    Admission is open to all Muslims Boys.
    Pupils will be admitted to all years (Ages 11-16).
    The academic year commences from September every year.
Furthermore the student will be subject to:
    Satisfactory academic and social reports from primary school.
    Entrance Exam - Sit the internally devised Entrance Examination
    Interview - Attend an interview (where deemed necessary).

We recognise that the majority of our pupils are at various advanced stages of learning English as an additional language and that a small minority of pupils are at an early stage of learning EAL. We provide for their needs through increased English provision, developing literacy in all subjects and individual support.

Please Note: At present we regret that we cannot provide facilities for students with special educational needs.

Download Admission Form to print and fill in. Alternatively fill the form out online by clicking on the link in the top right hand corner.