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At Darul Hadis Latifiah, we strongly believe that parents have a fundamental role to play in helping their child learn. The school strives to keep parents informed and involved in regards to their children by:
    Holding biannual parents’ evenings where all teachers are present and available to discuss the progress of the students as well as to discuss the teaching strategies being employed in order to empower students to achieve their full potential.
    Arranging individual meetings with specific teachers or form tutors to discuss any relevant matters.
    Sending letters or postcards to parents with notification of good academic performance or good behaviour.
    Notifying parents of any serious misbehaviour.
We also believe that parents have a responsibility to support their children and the school in implementing school policies. Therefore, we ask all parents to:
    Ensure their child has the best attendance record possible.
    Ensure their child comes to school well equipped for class, as well as with the correct uniform and PE kit;
    Make the school aware of external matters that may affect the student’s academic performance or behaviour.
    Have a positive attitude towards education and learning, as well as towards the school.
    Fulfil the requirements set out in the home/school agreement.
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