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Student Expectations


    White Panjabi
    Black trouser
    Black pullover - must be "V" Necked
    White cap
    Black shoes

Unacceptable Clothing

    Trainers (except for P.E.)
    Denim clothing
    Leather clothing
    Club football regalia
    Anything other than the school uniform

We recognise that the majority of our pupils are at various advanced stages of learning English as an additional language and that a small minority of pupils are at an early stage of learning EAL. We provide for their needs through increased English provision, developing literacy in all subjects and individual support.


At this school, we strongly believe that homework is an essential part of learning. Homework also strengthens the relationship between learners, parents and the school.

The aims of homework are to help the learners develop independent learning skills and researching skills. It helps to build upon concepts and skills taught in class. Homework helps a teacher to assess a student's understanding and it builds a habit of working regularly. Homework also involves parents in their child's learning.

Homework will be clearly identified in all schemes of work. It should involve a variety of learning styles including writing, reading and research. It will also be achievable, i.e. it should not require material which the learners are unlikely to have.

Clear deadlines will be given to the learners when to hand in work. Not all homework needs to be marked. All homework should be checked according to the homework diary. Every learners should have a planner/-diary where he will write a description of the work and the deadline. The homework diary should be signed weekly by the parents and the form tutor and the diary should be with the pupil every day.

Student Uniform