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In this modern age it is very important to be computer literate, and computer literacy is highly valued in the society. At the School we aim to provide the facilities to make our pupils competent users of information processors. Our commitment is coupled with the fact that we have the latest softwares and operating systems.

At Key Stage 3

(Year 7 - 9) Pupils will:
    All pupils follow a foundation course during which they acquire scientific knowledge and develop practical skills in a safe, secure environment.

At Key Stage 4:

(Years 10 - 11) Pupils will:
    Pupils are prepared to sit for their GCSE examination and extra help shall be given to the pupils for their ICT assignment and projects.

Physical Education (PE)

At Darul Hadis Latifiah Northwest we recognise the importance of physical development and fitness of the pupils. Therefore we arrange two compulsory PE lessons per class every week ranging in activities from football and cricket to Basketball and Tennis.