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The primary aim of the Science Department is to provide a broad basis of scientific knowledge for all pupils. Furthermore we provide a more specialised science course specifically for those who wish to continue their studies in Further Education or pursue careers in Science, such as Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine and Engineering. Science is about curiosity, healthy scepticism and a critical evaluation of evidence. At the School, pupils take an active part in the design, carrying out and evaluation of their experiments in our well-equipped laboratory.

At Key Stage 3

(Year 7 - 9) Pupils will:
    All pupils follow a foundation course during which they acquire scientific knowledge and develop practical skills in a safe, secure environment.

At Key Stage 4:

(Years 10 - 11) Pupils will:
    Pupils follow a GCSE Double Award Course (2 GCSEs in Science) covering aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Where pupils have opted for a GCSE in Triple Award Science, they will continue to cover aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, however, will cover more content, as required by the specification, for the Triple Award GCSE.

    Extra lessons are arranged for GCSE candidates and those who would like extra support in their examination preparation.