Tuition Fee Policy 2020/2021

1. Introduction

1.1 Darul Hadis Latifiah Northwest charges fees for its programs of study. Tuition fees are reviewed annually.

1.2 Every student who attends our schools pays school fees usually paid by parents/guardians.

1.3 The parents/guardians of students retain the ultimate liability for the payment of their tuition fees.

1.4 The school reserves the right to exclude any students for whom tuition fees has not been paid, or made satisfactory arrangements to pay, during the course of the studies. Students in debt to the school are not permitted to re-enroll for the following academic year until all debts have been paid in full and the funds have cleared. Students will not be entered for external exams until all debts have been paid in full and funds cleared.

1.5 The school reserves the right to claim any late payment charges, £50 bounced cheque charges, legal or other debt collection costs from students who fail to pay in accordance with any agreements made with the school.

1.6 If a Student’s tuition Fees increase during an academic year due to any circumstances or re-assessment then the school shall write to the parents/guardians to inform them the increase amount and the date to start the payments from.

2. Deposits

2.1 All students shall pay a £100.00 deposits which is refundable when the student leave but if any damage is caused to school properties the deposit shall be use towards paying for the damage caused.

2.2 If the Deposits money is paid to cover any cost of repair or replacement, a fresh deposit of £100.00 must be paid immediately.

3. Enrolment

3.1 In order to become a fully enrolled student, applicants must complete all necessary academic requirements and make arrangements to pay all fees.

3.2 Failure to complete the enrolment process will result in application to the school being terminated.

4. Payments

4.1 Tuition fees are due for payment at the start of each academic year, or the start of each enrolment period for non-standard start dates.


  • £2500.00 per year

Others costs:

  • Admission fee £200 (non-refundable)
  • Books, Examination fee, School trip etc (excluded)

4.2 Paying Options

Option One:

  • You can pay all of the tuition fees for the academic year on the first day of the 1st term.

Option Two:

  • By three installments: Pay £1000 on the first day of the first term. £750 on the first day of the second term. £750 on the first day of the third term.

Option Three:

  • All payment must be made to the following bank account and the deposit receipt must be given to school office.
  • After giving the deposit receipt, parents/ guardian must collect a money receipt from office and keep it for their record.
  • Bank account details:
    Sort code: 40-02-33
    Account: 61 80 52 07

5. Non-Payment of Tuition Fees

5.1 If the Students/Parents or Guardians fail to pay the tuition fees, then the Student will have their access to the school facilities suspended until either full payment of the outstanding debt is received, or satisfactory arrangements to clear the debt have been agreed.

5.2 Where any fees remain outstanding, the school reserves the right to engage a third party, such as a debt collection agency, to collect these fees.

5.3 Failure to pay the school tuition fees may result in exclusion from the school.

5.4 The school has the right to withhold any marks/certificates gained whilst a student is suspended or has not paid the full tuition fees.

5.5 Students in debt to the school will not be permitted to attend any graduation or award ceremonies, or receive any awards, until all the debts to the school are paid in full and funds have cleared.

6. Withdrawal from School and Refunds

6.1 No refunds will be given if withdrawing during the term time. Any fees paid for a term which has not yet started may be refunded.

6.2 Prior to consideration for any refund all necessary withdrawal procedures must have been completed.

6.3 All refunds are at the discretion of the school.

6.4 To claim a refund, requests must be submitted in writing to the Head Teacher along with any necessary supporting documentation.

6.5 Where a student has other outstanding debts to the school, any refund amount due will be offset to clear the outstanding balance.

6.7 Deposits paid to secure a place at the schools are non refundable.

7. Discounts

7.1 There is a 5% discount for siblings.

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