The aim of the curriculum is to give all pupils a broad, balanced and relevant education within an Islamic framework. This will be achieved through a structured learning experience, matched to the personal development and abilities of each individual. The learning process will not only promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of the pupils, but will also prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. We encourage students to take an increasing responsibility for their own learning and recognise learning as a life‐long process. Acquire knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes to prepare them for their future careers and develop respect and practice the Islamic way of life. The School is committed to the development and delivery of the curriculum which enables its pupils to be educated in the following subjects:

Core Subjects

Subject GCSE
English Language Yes
English Literature Yes
Science (Double Award) Yes
Maths Yes

Islamic Subject

Subject GCSE
Qur’an Shareef Translation No
Hadis Shareef No
Aqaid No
Qirat &Tajweed No
Hifz (Available) No
Noho & Sarf No
Fiqh No
Islamic Studies / Religious Education Yes
Islamic History No

Modern Foreign Language and Other Subjects

Subject GCSE
Computing Yes
Science (Triple Award) Optional
P.E. No
Geography Optional
Citizenship Optional
Bengali Optional
Arabic Yes
History Optional