Black History Month Competition

As we celebrate Black History Month at DHLNW, we are reminded of the timeless teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who championed equality and stood firmly against the divisions of racism. In the spirit of his teachings, our students engaged in a poetry competition to honor the legacies of black heroes throughout history.

Araful, with his poignant words, crafted a poem that not only won the competition but also reflected the strength and dignity of these individuals. His verses are a powerful reminder of our shared humanity and the Islamic principle that no person is superior to another except by piety and good actions.

Well done, Araful, for capturing the essence of our heroes and the ethos of Islam in your stirring poetry. Your work is a testament to the unity and brotherhood that Islam promotes, transcending all barriers of race and ethnicity.

In the heart of autumn’s cold embrace,
We celebrate with pride and grace,
A month that shines a brilliant light,
On Black history, strong and bright.


From ancient shores to modern days,
A story of resilience ablaze,
With heroes, poets, leaders, too,
Who broke through barriers, they grew.


Harriet Tubman, brave and true,
Guiding slaves to freedom’s view,
She lit a path through darkest night,
A beacon for our shared delight.


Martin Luther King’s dream soared high,
A vision of equality’s sky,
With words that stirred a nation’s heart,
He played his vital, pivotal part.


Maya Angelou’s lyrical prose,
Like a river of wisdom, endlessly flows,
Her words a balm, a source of pride,
In every verse, she dared to confide.


Langston Hughes, a poet’s soul,
In verses that made hearts whole,
He painted pictures with each line,
Of the African American climb.


Rosa Parks, her courage bold,
In the face of injustice, she took a stand, we’re told,
Seated for justice on a bus,
A symbol of strength and a world in trust.


So, in this month, we honour and reflect,
On the history we must never forget,
The struggles faced, the triumphs won,
In Black history, unity is spun.


For every chapter, every tale,
Of strength and resilience that will prevail,
We celebrate with love and truth,
In Black History Month, the eternal youth.


– Araful

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