Oldham College Career Pathways

We are delighted to share highlights from the recent visit of Danny Ashton from Oldham College to DHLNW. This engaging event, aimed primarily at our Year 10 and 11 students, focused on illuminating the array of post-16 courses and higher education pathways available to them.

During the presentation, Danny Ashton provided valuable insights into various academic and vocational courses that Oldham College offers, which could serve as vital stepping stones for our students’ future careers. The talk was accompanied by an informative PowerPoint presentation, giving students a visual and interactive understanding of their options post-GCSEs.

The event was more than just an informational session; it was an eye-opener for many students, helping them to envision their future possibilities and understand the importance of their current studies in shaping their career paths. The discussion also covered critical aspects of higher education, including course selection, application processes, and the transition from secondary school to college.

Accompanying the announcement are pictures from the session, capturing our students’ keen interest as they listened and interacted with the presenter, a testament to their enthusiasm for planning their educational journeys.

For parents and guardians, this event underscores our commitment at DHLNW to not only provide quality education but also to prepare our students for the next stages of their academic and professional lives. We encourage you to discuss these opportunities with your children and explore how DHLNW supports their aspirations.

Do you have any specific interests or questions about the post-16 courses and higher education routes discussed during the Oldham College visit? We would love to hear from you and provide further information to support your child’s academic journey.

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