Students of the Autumn Half Term – Computing

We’re proud to celebrate our Students of the Autumn Half Term in Computing, shining a spotlight on two individuals who have made remarkable strides in their ICT studies.

Eyaan, from Year 10, has demonstrated a commendable dedication to his ICT classwork. His focused approach has not only led to significant progress but also earned him the role of Lead Learner on numerous occasions. Eyaan’s journey reflects the personalized learning environment at DHLNW, where students are encouraged to concentrate and excel at their own pace, guided by supportive educators.

Year 11’s Majid is another exemplary student whose journey in ICT lessons is a testament to the ethos of hard work and determination we foster. His newfound confidence and consistent dedication are the fruits of his labor, making him a delightful presence in class. His respectful and resilient nature stands out, embodying the core values we hold dear at DHLNW.

These students’ stories are not just individual successes; they represent the collective spirit of a school committed to nurturing progress, confidence, respect, and resilience. For parents looking for a school that recognizes and develops each child’s potential, DHLNW offers an environment where every student is poised to become an achiever.

Join us in applauding Eyaan and Majid’s achievements and consider DHLNW as the nurturing ground for your child’s future success in computing and beyond.

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