This Week’s Computing Club – Programming

This week at DHLNW’s Computing Club, the world of programming opened up new horizons for our students.

We’re particularly proud of Yusuf from Year 8, who independently developed an amazing game, a testament to the innovative spirit we nurture in our students. Displayed on the screen alongside Yusuf’s proud smile is not just a game but a bridge to critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills that DHLNW encourages in every class.

Yusuf’s success with Scratch—a visual programming language—highlights our commitment to providing students with access to technology and mentorship that ignites their passion for learning. It’s these opportunities that prepare our students not just for the next stage of their education, but for a future where they can thrive as digital creators and leaders.

We invite future students and their families to discover how DHLNW’s Computing Club, and our broader curriculum, is dedicated to fostering a love for learning and excellence in every field. Witness your child’s potential unfold at DHLNW, where we believe in nurturing every student’s unique talents in an environment that celebrates their achievements.

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