Year 11 Enterprise

At DHLNW, we’re not just about academic excellence; we’re about shaping leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

This half term, our Year 11 students demonstrated this by spearheading an enterprise project that did more than just raise funds for our school council—it showcased their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to social responsibility.

These young entrepreneurs, guided by values instilled at DHLNW, worked collaboratively to contribute to their school community, learning invaluable lessons in financial literacy and democratic decision-making along the way. The initiative culminated with our class representatives, Head Boy, and Deputy Head Boy leading the charge in deciding how to allocate the funds—ensuring that the student voice is at the heart of our school’s development.

We invite prospective parents and students to join our open day to witness firsthand how DHLNW fosters a nurturing environment where students thrive as scholars and contributors to society. Enroll your child at DHLNW, where education extends beyond the classroom, and students are empowered to make a difference.

Come see how we’re investing in the future, one student at a time.

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