Year 9 Enterprise

We are immensely proud to announce the remarkable success achieved by our Year 9 students in their recent enterprise initiative. Demonstrating their entrepreneurial skills and commitment to social responsibility, they organized an event that not only brought the school community together but also raised an impressive £450. This initiative was a practical learning experience, where students honed their organizational, financial, and teamwork skills, laying a foundation for future endeavors in business and community service.

The funds raised from this enterprise will contribute significantly to various school projects, directly impacting the quality of education and resources available to our students. This achievement is a testament to the hard work, creativity, and spirit of collaboration exhibited by our Year 9 students. It also underscores our school’s commitment to developing not just academically proficient, but socially responsible and enterprising young individuals.

We commend our Year 9 students for their impressive achievement and for demonstrating the values of empathy and global citizenship that DHLNW strives to instill in all its students.

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